What Happens When You Don’t Share: Analyzed by Chris Webber [VIDEO]

What happens when you decide not to share your ice cream at a nationally televised basketball game? The camera found these two at the Magic/Pacers game at Bankerslife and the crew at the NBA TV channel broke down why you should always share your cone with your boo!

“Kid” Presidental Tournament Bracket Picks [VIDEO]

Sure President Obama has Indiana winning the “big dance” in his bracket. What about the young people? The next generation of kids has their voice heard as the “Kid” President presides over the 64 team bracket. Kid President makes his Tournament picks alongside Sports Center’s Robert Flores. He may not be able to reach the...

The Hangover Part III – [OFFICIAL] Teaser Trailer

A piece of the final chapter in the Hangover trilogy was released today and it looks like a return to Vegas for the guys.  In theaters Memorial Day.

Ultimate GOATS Megamix [VIDEO]

Goats run the world. No really…. This is what happens when rock, hip-hop, and rap are remixed with screaming goats. Watch this “Ultimate Goat Mega-mix” here!

This Is Why I Am a Huge Pitbull Fan [VIDEO]

This when I “fell in love” with Pitbull as an artist that doesn’t take any disrespect from anyone. This was recorded in 2009 during a performance, a guy kept throwing money and disrespcting Pitbull. After throwing money at Pit three times and a verbal warning from him. Pitbull pulled the money thrower on stage and...

HartFelt: Frost Without You [VIDEO] World Premiere

Another World Premiere Exclusive from Kevin Hart’s new label, Hartfelt. Today the OFFICIAL debut single & video: Frost Without You… album coming soon… Frost Without You World Premiere.

Chris Brown Gets No Respect. #ImJustSayin

Are you kidding me? Chris Brown is getting negative attention about handling his Grammy defeat to Frank Ocean last night with “totally disrespect”? Get out of my face with that. It seems that the media wants to make Chris the ‘Bad guy’ no matter what. In my opinion, in any competition, you do not see...

Rare New 2Pac Documentary Surfaces [PREVIEW]

A new trailer for a film documenting the last 7 days in the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur has surfaced on Youtube. The final days of Tupac Shakur‘s life before his untimely death on Sept. 13, 1996, is being featured in a new documentary titled ’7Dayz.’ Filmmaker Gobi M. Rahimi, who directed 2Pac’s video for ’2 of...

How Not To Act In Front of a Judge [VIDEO]

LESSON: Never mess with people who have the power to make your life miserable. A Miami woman facing drug charges made her situation much worse when she laughed at and then flipped off the man with the gavel. File this case under: Stupid. According to NBC Miami, 18-year-old Penelope Soto was in court for charges relating...

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Seems that most people I work with we’re not impressed with this year’s batch of Superbowl commercials. As I watched the game and jump online to give my two pesos, Twitter was very busy with responses and comments about the thirty to sixty seconds spots that costed up to four million dollars per ad. Since everyone...

Girl Maces Dude For Being Rude [VIDEO]

Maybe one day there will be a law for people treating others with respect. Until then, be careful you don’t run into this female at a store near you! Being rude isn’t illegal but assault and battery is…. #True

Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

The hilarious people at the Bleacher Reports presents “Bad Lip Reading of the NFL”