That Just Ruined The Moment [VIDEO]

Damn I hate it when that happens to me….

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Check out the reaction to this ‘Bama football fan who recieved a very special Christmas gift. Tickets to the sold out National Title game between Alabama and Norte Dame. Priceless

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Happy Fat Holidays! Shouts to @BauceSauce who put this hilarious video together! **WARNING-Explicit Language**

Christmas Wishes: We Hate Rich People

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This video has to be the worst “cooking” demo ever made. Tell me who doesn’t know this recipe?!

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Shoutout the hilarious BritaNick!

ELECTION 12: Chris Rock Want You to Vote for the White President

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This is a quick montage of risque humor that has been slipped into kids’ cartoons. How many of these did you catch the first time you saw them?